June 21, 2010

New BATMAN - UNDER THE RED HOOD Desktop Wallpaper Background

There has not been much brand-new news lately to report about the DC Universe animated film BATMAN: UNDER THE RED HOOD lately so I thought I would post a cool RED HOOD Desktop Wallpaper ( 768 X 1024 ) for people to enjoy. Believe me, Warner Bros will be hyping this again pretty soon so keep an eye out at the Bat-Blog for more info. As each day passes, I get more excited about this movie! I mean, it's coming out next month on July 27th!!
CLICK HERE For More FREE Batman Desktop Wallpaper Backgrounds of The Dark Knight!

1 comment:

Tim said...

Dude, I love the wallpapers...

Any time I can see the Batman in full view I'm a happy little fanboy.

Keep it up!