June 30, 2010

NEW BATMAN BACKGROUNDS Wacky Wallpaper Wednesday!

Hey Kids, it's Wacky Wallpaper Wednesday! We got some really great Batman Backgrounds this week so get ready! The 1st one uses some promo art from the new DC Universe Online game. It's a beautiful pin-up of the super villain Poison Ivy, hubba hubba! The next one is a close-up shot of a Custom Batman Munny Figure that was customized by a friend of the Bat-Blog ( He did a really great job on it ). I thought that both of these images would make fun wallpapers. What do you think? Listen, you guys need to let me know which wallpapers you like the best or maybe which characters you would like to see. Ya know, I'm always trying to make the Bat-Blog the best fan site ever & I do need feedback every now & then, ha! Please remember, if you dig through the BAT-BLOG ARCHIVES, located on the left side of this page ( near the middle ), you can find hundreds of other Batman Wallpapers we have done over the years.
CLICK HERE For More FREE Batman Desktop Wallpaper Backgrounds of The Dark Knight!

1 comment:

ozz said...

That might be the sexiest incarnation of Poison Ivy yet.