May 25, 2010

You Don't Have To Be Batman To Save Lives

Back in 1989, to capitalize on the popularity of the Tim Burton BATMAN Movie, the New York Blood Center ran a promotion called "You Don't Have To Be Batman To Save Lives". Basically it was a major blood drive where they used the Caped Crusader as a theme. It was pretty successful. Shown here are 2 pieces of memorabilia from that event. The first photo is a T-Shirt & the 2nd one is a small advertising poster. It's cool they didn't use the same exact graphic. Plus, it's the comic book-style artwork & not the movie ( but "movie images" would have been great too! ). Now, it's kinda hard for me to tell but I'm guessing that the art was drawn by either Jose Luis Garcia Lopez or Dick Giordano! If anyone knows exactly please let me know. Either way, it's a very cool part of Bat-History!


Taffeta Darling said...

Rad!! i love that shirt!

ozz said...

You don't have to be the Batman to save lives...but it probably helps.