May 25, 2010

First Look BATMAN ARKHAM ASYLUM Video Game Action Figures

Wow! Check out these BATMAN: ARKHAM ASYLUM Action Figures! As everyone knows the video game was a smash hit. I mean, it won "Game of the Year" around the world! With it's popularity Warner Bros has capitalized on a few products. Mainly there have been a few T-Shirts & Statues. Well, now they're going to make some action figures & they look pretty awesome! The first wave will feature Batman, The Joker, Scarecrow, & Harley Quinn. Oh yeah, the Joker figure will also come with a small Scarface Ventriloquist Doll . About the only information on these new toys right now is that they will be about 6" tall & heavily articulated. DC Direct has not given an exact release date yet but stay tuned to the Bat-Blog & we will let you know. In the mean time here's some pictures to totally drool over, ha! ( Thanks to Guenter for the heads-up! )


JC said...

According to their site, release date is on January 12,2011.

Can't wait for these! :D

demoncat said...

the Harley quin figure is sure to be the hot seller mostly due to her out fit. and would have rather had scare face come with ventriloquist. but knowing he is in plastic may have to spring for the figure scarecrow looks alien

ozz said...