February 23, 2010


OK, Here's a list of all the Promo Deals the Retail Stores are having to promote sales of their DVD of JUSTICE LEAGUE: CRISIS ON TWO EARTH. The 3 I'm covering are the major outlets: Best Buy, Amazon, & Target. I checked the Walmart website & they didn't list anything so if they do something please let me know. There might also be other promotional items out there with other stores. I have tried to compile this information the best I can so if it's not totally accurate then it's not my fault, ha! Alright, here we go! Most of the stores on this list have a Free Exclusive if you buy the DVD 2-Disc Set or the Blu-Ray Copy only. Looks like you don't get anything if you buy the regular DVD movie. Best Buy has an Exclusive 3" Figure of OWLMAN ( yeah, you read that right, 3 inches. But it does look kinda cool though ). Amazon gives you a Free Lithograph Poster with a graphic from the animated film ( No Batman shown ). The movies you buy at Target have a special "Extra Short of The SPECTRE" that sounds pretty cool! But, at the Amazon website they show that they have it too ( I think Target sells a lot of stuff through Amazon, like they are partners or something ). If I get any more information on any new promotional items then I'll be sure to post them here. So, stay tuned with the Bat-Blog!


Anonymous said...

I was under the impression that the Spectre short was on all 2-disc versions of the dvd, not a Target exclusive.

Gary Bingaman II said...

The Spectre short feature is on all copies of the 2-Disc DVD. It's not an exclusive to Target or Amazon.
It's a new thing they'll do for all Direct-to-DVD films... they'll have a short film highlighting a lesser known character (lesser known to the mass public).

Just FYI, no biggie. LOVE THIS SITE, btw. :)