February 22, 2010


Here's some freakin' sweet photos of the Original 1966 Batman TV Show & Movie BATCOPTER!! This is NOT a replica but the real deal! I got these photos from a friend named Amanda. In one pic you can see her standing next to Eugene Nock, the Owner & Pilot of the '66 Batman Helicopter. You see, after he bought the original TV & Movie Prop he totally restored it & now goes on tour visiting State Fairs & Auto/Comic Book Conventions allowing people to go for a ride. I know a few people who have done it & they all say it's a total blast! Because of the design of the copter's canopy you get an extreme view of the ground. A lot of people say it's almost like you're flying in the air like Peter Pan & not just looking out of a window. I know what they're talking about. I have not had a ride in this helicopter but one just like it ( a Bell Army one ), as a kid at the Oklahoma State Fair, many many years ago. It's a totally cool experience! I wanna thank Amanda for sharing these wonderful photos. She's very nice, I appreciate that. If there are any other Bat-Blog Readers who have taken a ride on the Famous Bat-Copter then please send us some pics & share your experience. Also, about Amanda: She is the Model from the "Superhuman Experiment" so please be sure to check it out sometime by clicking LINK!


Anonymous said...

Ooh, that Amanda is a sweet friend indeed! YEEEOWW! Thanks for the eye-opening pictures! :)


Anonymous said...

More pictures with Amanda and Batman ANYTHING please!!!

She should be a regular feature in that Catwoman outfit she is wearing!

Anonymous said...

...and I don't mean the Bat Copter either.
What a gorgeous woman... OK, the copter's not bad either.

david_b said...

Super Batcopter photos, but Amanda's HOT. Thanks again for all your posts! Following it daily from here, serving in Kuwait.

David B.

Mike said...

Holy Bat Babe! How can we make Amanda in that suit a regular contributor to the blog?

ozz said...

Always cool to know there are some lovely ladies out there who dig the Batman.