October 28, 2009

Read The 1966 ADAM WEST BATMAN TV Show LIFE Magazine For Free!

In 1966 Adam West was on the cover of LIFE Magazine. It was for a story about the '66 Batman TV Show craze. Well, here's a link where you can now read it for free, the entire issue! Just click HERE!


ozz said...

Cool find.

I'm in the midst of reading West's book Back To The Batcave, which came out in '94. I found a copy at a local library. It's been a fun read so far.

What's also interesting about it is that he writes about his pre-Batman days. Growing up, he was known as Billy Anderson. I didn't know that Adam West wasn't his real name. West is actually his middle name, though. After he got a gig on a Western show, it was decided that he'd use the middle name as his surname. He said he liked the way "Adam" looked with "West". Boom. New name.

He also wrote that the reason the bat ears on his cowl were so short was so that closeup shots could be tighter.

ozz said...

Oh, he also wrote about how painful that photo shoot turned out to be.