October 28, 2009

BATMAN HALLOWEEN Desktop Wallpaper Backgrounds!

Oh man! I almost totally forgot that today is "Wacky Wallpaper Wednesday", ha ha! So, just in time, here are a few Batman-themed Desktop Backgrounds you can use to brighten your day! I also thought it would be good if they had a "Halloween-theme" because that holiday is in a few days. So, HERE...WE...GO! The 1st one is a montage I created from many of the different Batman-related Costume Photos that readers have sent in. Now, of course, I could not get everybody in there & I promise I picked them out totally at random so I'm not playing favorites here. Just thought it would be fun! The next 2 were made from some photos sent to me by a costume company. The "Blond Girl as Robin, The Boy Wonder" is pretty nice to look at all day long & the "Dog in Batman Costume" just totally cracks me up, ha ha! ( Dogs NEVER look happy in these photos but he does ). HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYBODY!! Please be safe out there!!


ozz said...

Even better than "Blonde Girl as Robin" is "Brunette Girl as Batgirl". That model reminds me of the actress Rachel McAdams.

Gary Bingaman II said...

Very HOT Robin and WOW!!! my wife, nephew and I made the wallpaper!!! COOLNESS!!!! :)