October 25, 2009

COSTUMES - BATMAN: The Brave And The Bold - I'm The MUSIC MEISTER!

Cue Music: "I'm The Music Meister, The Music Meister!" OK, regardless if you loved or hated the recent episode of Batman: The Brave and The Bold animated cartoon series where it was a "Batman Musical" with Neil Patrick Harris you DO have to admit that these costumes are totally GREAT!! A friend of mine sent these to me & I was instantly very impressed. Of course they are the Music Meister & Black Canary. The details are very accurate & the costumes are extremely well made! Please click on the above graphic for a larger, sharper, photo. My friend didn't tell me if this was cosplay at some Comic Book Convention, or a cute couple at a Halloween Party, but either way these Batman-themed Costumes are just crazy-insane! ( Thanks Jeff ).

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Anonymous said...

Just found this page today, but hey there, I'm the Music Meister in that photo (and I'm a chick- SURPRISE)! My friend Canary and I did these at Big Apple Comic Con back in early October. Thank you very much for the kind comments! I worked real hard on my costume (made this baby from scratch) and even outlined things in black to copy the BATB style. I actually plan to make another outfit of his.
Thanks again! :D