October 28, 2009

BATMAN & JOKER Halloween Costume Photos!!

The Bat-Blog has been going crazy goo goo over Halloween this year & many readers have been completely wonderful about sending us pictures of themselves wearing Batman-themed costumes ( Thanks! ). Here's a great example of something from the past & more modern-day. The 1st picture was sent in by our good friend Ian, who lives in Canada. It's an older vintage photo ( about 1966 or 67 ) showing him on his parent's porch & he's BATMAN! I'm not sure who his friend is but they were stuck being YOGI THE BEAR! Now, they both look totally ready to go hit the neighborhood because they not only have their Plastic Pumpkins to fill with candy but they ALSO have some super-giant shopping bags! Now that's total ambition there, ha ha! I remember one year my cousin & I each used a large over-sized pillowcase...we raked it in! The 2nd photo is a lot more recent, & sort of "not Halloween-related", but it does show a GREAT Joker Costume! This is a good friend of the Bat-Blog named Paul. He's totally into creating Batman Costumes & this is one of my favorites. The great thing about this pic, other than the Joker Costume being totally great, is the fact that he took it in front of the real-life Presidential WHITE HOUSE, ha ha ha! I wonder if the Secret Service brought their warning level up a notch? That's hilarious! I wanna thank Ian for sharing his wonderful family photo. I also wanna thank Paul for allowing me to post a photo I totally stole from his MySpace page, ha ha! Happy Halloween Everybody!

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