October 28, 2009

Actress Mary Louise Parker...Bat-Babe!

I have always liked the actress Mary Louise Parker. She's smart, funny, talented, & extremely HOT! I can't remember what TV Show ( or Movie ) I first saw her in but I've always thought she was super-cute, from day one! For the last few years she has been staring in a TV series on Showtime called WEEDS & it's a pretty good show. I've only seen a few episodes, because I don't have that cable channel, but I do plan on renting the entire thing someday. But anyway, last night I was surfing the web & just randomly came upon one of those celebrity news websites. Now, personally, I don't really care about what new purse Paris Hilton is sporting or who Britney Spears is dating, that's so lame. But when I scrolled down I saw this photo...Hubba Hubba! It's Mary Louise Parker wearing a Batman Bat-Symbol Logo T-Shirt! Now, is she really a Batman Fan or did some publicist say, "18-45 yr old nerds will think you're sexy in this shirt, blah, blah". OK, I proudly fit that demographic & I agree, she does look extremely HOT, ha ha! Of course she would look great wearing anything. ( Oh, I'm trying to bring back the phrase "Hubba Hubba" so please use it in a conversation soon ). I hope she's wearing this T-Shirt because, in real life, she's a Batman Fan...that would be so cool!


Charger71 said...

Larger versions can be found here: http://weedswiki.sho.com/page/Mary-Louise+Parker+Wallpapers

David said...

She's a babe, no doubt, but the real question is where did that shirt come from? The logo is "off-model" but in a good way. I'd like to get one for myself!