May 23, 2009

1970's WWWF Wrestler Tony Marino was BATTMAN!!

A friend sent me a link the other day to a piece of weird "Batman News". In the 1970's there was an Italian Wrestler who, because of the 1966 Batman TV Show craze, carried on the persona of Batman. Actually, he called himself BATTMAN!! He wrestled in the WWWF circuit in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania & later on he became part of a tag team when he joined up with "Robin". According to Wikipedia, his custom outfits were created by Karl & Hildegarde's of Columbus, Ohio. OK, here's the deal, these are the only pics of this guy I could find so I'm wondering if anybody else knows of any. If so, then please send them, thanks...BATTMAN!!


Brian Jones said...

I remembered seeing him wrestle as a kid on TV here in Pittsburgh and years ago I called the local station (WPXI channel 11) that carried it to see if they had footage available and was told none of the shows were saved on tape, it went out over the air live.....nobody at the station thought to put them on tape at the time.
I would be curious if anyone finds some pictures because I also remember other wrestlers dressing up as the Riddler and Joker to fight him and Robin.

ozz said...