March 23, 2009

Video: BATMAN VIRTUAL RIDE 3-D CGI Animation Demo

You might remember this video, I posted it here at the Bat-Blog about a year ago ( it's buried in the Bat-Archives now ). But a friend sent it to me recently & this one is a way better version, very nice quality! The basic story on it was that Blur Animation Studios created this CGI movie for Warner Bros to use in one of those "Virtual Ride" events at one of their Six Flags theme parks. It shows "you", as Batman, flying around Gotham City in a Bat-Jet chasing after many different villains like the Joker, Catwoman, & Mr. Freeze. I love the little Bat-Jet planes because they look a lot like the one from the 1989 movie. The video is extremely well done & is actually very fun to watch, enjoy!
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Paul said...

This was also used at the Warner Bros Movieworld theme park on the Gold Coast in Australia. The ride was similar to the 'Back to the future' ride at universal studio's in that the audience sat in a cabin that rocked around with the movements of the screen. I remember it being the second version that they used for the ride because the first "movie" they used was just way too rough.

The Batfan said...

THAT WAS awesome, they used kevin conroy and mark hamill. never saw it used at any six flags parks I went to :( thou oddly catwoman had a british accent LOL