March 24, 2009

New BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT Movie Masters Action Figures WAVE 6

Batman Action Figure Collectors will need to be on the look out for this brand new series of BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT Movie Masters figures. The set of four will include: Two-Face, Joker Thug ( Bank Robber Goon ), The Jail Cell Joker, & a very weird "Batman Proto Suit". I'm really liking these, they're very cool!


Nikki said...

i really want that joker goon

Bubbashelby said...

All "must-haves!"

Hopefully none turn out to be "can't-finds."

ozz said...

The first three = cool.

The "proto suit" = not so much. Wouldn't that one have been better as a Batman Begins tie-in?

droidoysore said...

when can i buy it this awesome figures some one knows?????????

please tell me thanks

Anonymous said...

i havnt seen any of these beyond the harvey dent figure. i really just want the oker goon