February 23, 2009

BATMAN ART: Fighting Super-Villains by Pablo Canadé

Yesterday I was very surprised to get an e-mail all the way from Argentina! A Bat-Blog Reader named Pablo Canadé wrote me about some of his artwork. He's a very talented Graphic Artist & as you can tell he is totally inspired by both Batman & his Super-Villians. Each portrait has a picture of the Dark Knight in combat with a different foe: The Joker, Catwoman, & The Riddler. Thanks for sending these Pablo, they're really really GREAT! Keep up the good work. Readers, please be sure to check out his website sometime. There's more bat-goodies there to enjoy.


ozz said...

Nice interpretations.

CoolStuffForDads.com said...

These are very good and would make a great addition to someone's collection and/or a nice gift idea.