November 26, 2008


Shown here is an amazing Vintage Batman Toy called BAT-MACHINE! It was a special vehicle made by the MEGO Toy Company in 1980 for their line of 3 1/4" Mego Pocket Superhero Action Figures. It was a fully computer-programmable vehicle a lot like the BIG TRAX toy made by Milton Bradley Electronics. OK, I can not even start to explain how extremely SUPER-RARE this baby is but in 20+ years of super-collecting I have never seen one in the box & the loose one I seen at a toy show many years ago was totally wasted, ha ha! This one is beautiful, with the original box, & is a total museum piece!


Javieruco, the Magician said...

I´m very glad to see this toy, here in México, it was called the Batrax,and i still have mine, with the original box. But i never played with it. My Batrax never was used, but the stickers dried and eventually has fallen, although, i have it.I can remember one of this vehicles for the spiderman, called here spidertrax.
Saludos amigos.

ozz said...

Is this a Zamboni? Is the Batman a hockey fan?