November 26, 2008

Desktop Wallpaper: Tim Burton's 1989 BATMAN Movie!

Every Bat-Blog Reader knows that every single Wednesday is "Wacky Wallpaper Wednesday", ha ha! So, this week I thought I would post 2 Batman Desktop Backgrounds that have a "1989 Batman Movie" theme. Basically, it's the same exact photo of Michael Keaton as Batman in the Batcave ( I always thought his Bat-Computer was groovy ) but one is a full-shot & the other is a close-up...sort of 2 variations. I kinda picked this photo for a few reasons: One, This is the movie that totally hooked me into becoming extremely serious about being a Batman Toy Collector. Two, visually it looks pretty cool and Three, some friends & I were talking the other night about how amazing it is that next year ( 2009 ) will be the 20th Anniversary of that now-classic movie. Wow! Twenty years ago! ( That makes me feel kinda old now, ha ha! ).

1 comment:

Anderson said...

Wow.......great! Batman Desktop Backgrounds is so nice. It's the same picture of Michael Keaton as Batman in the Batcave.