October 27, 2008

BATMAN: THE STONE KING Audio Book By GraphicAudio

Along time ago, while hitting garage sales, I came across a paperback book titled "Justice League of America : BATMAN The Stone King". It was a trade paperback book written by Alan Grant. The cover had a painting by Alex Ross. It looked pretty cool so I bought it to add to my crazy collection. I mean, it was only 50 cents so I HAD to get it, ha ha! But, the deal is, I never got around to reading it...too busy with the Bat-Blog, I guess. Well, the other night I thought I would get on the web & track down a book review on this story to see what people thought about it. Like, if it was worth reading or not. All the reviews I was able to find said it was pretty good so, in the near future, I plan on reading it. Now to get to the Batman Audio Book shown here. While surfing the net I came across this company called GRAPHIC AUDIO that has this same book but in the audio book format. Basically you can listen to a group of actors playing out the story of this book with sound effects & everything. Sort of like "hearing a movie or play". The part that I think is kinda crazy is that it is SIX HOURS long!! Yeah, 6 full hours of Batman-entertainment...WOW! Now, I have not been able to buy this yet but at their website they have an audio clip sample to hear & it sounds like a pretty cool concept. The set comes with 6 CDs & priced at only about $19.99 it's not a bad deal. You can also download it as a MP3 for $12.99. Personally, I'd rather own the CD set because it's something I could add to my collection...we'll see. Here's a link button for their page. Be sure to check it out sometime but please remember too BOOKMARK the Bat-Blog before ya go!
CLICK HERE To Visit The Official Graphic Audio Book BATMAN: THE STONE KING ( Justice League of America ) Website!!

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