October 27, 2008


There's a good friend to the Bat-Blog named Charles who has a special focus within his Batman Memorabilia collecting & that is to hunt down ALL of the Batman Coloring Books that have ever existed! So far he doing a really great job & he was kind enough to send us some photos of his recent collection. Shown up above is a good sample of which Batman Coloring Books are out there. Of course my favorites are the 1966 ones but I also love the Batman: The Animated Series ones too. He also has a lot of the ones made during the many different Batman movies & those are great also. OK, ALL of these books are awesome! To be honest there are even a few I have NEVER seen so that's great! I wanna thank Charles for taking the time to photograph these ( good job ) & sharing them with the readers here. Thanks Charles. The main focus of the Bat-Blog, really, is to share the love of collecting Batman stuff so this set of photos proves that. If you have a special collection of Vintage Batman items ( or even new stuff ) then please send us some pics, we love that!

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Mike said...

I'd love to get a few scans from the older books for future paintings!

Hook it up!!!