September 26, 2008

BATTMANN Italian Batman Parody Comic Book Art By Mario Perrotta

I discovered an artist on the internet the other day who, I think, lives in Italy. At least I think his site is in Italian. ( If not, I apologize ). But, the main thing, is that his comic strip cartoon-style is pretty funny & he does a really great parody of Batman he calls BATTMANN. Shown up above are some examples of his work & you can see more by visiting his site ( link button down below ). His name is Mario Perrotta. Oh one last thing, the 2 large pictures up above are actually BATTMANN WALLPAPER BACKGROUNDS ! Click on them for the larger version & send to your desktop...ENJOY!
CLICK HERE To Visit The Official Mario Perrotta BATTMANN Comic Website!

CLICK HERE For More Batman Desktop Background Wallpaper of The Dark Knight!


Anonymous said...

He is Mario Perrotta, a young comic writer. His work is inspired by "Gianfranco Marziano", an Italian underground music talent. Years ago Marziano wrote a song called "Battmazz" (a joke impossible to translate); the song is sung in Salerno`s dialect and its lyrics are particularly extreme. Basically it is about a Batman who, tired to be a "justice paladine" acts like a young good-for-nothing (he sells the batmobile to buy a Cadillac). The Battmann Comic themes are quite similar; after all Marziano`s the scriptwriter, who tells Mario what to draw on MSN (Poor Mario`s task is to put up with Marziano`s deliriums)

peppe said...

Battmazz is Batman + Mazz' (ass). so the translation could be: Batass.
The Battmann comic theme is non the same as the song: Perrotta's Battmann is still a hero, helped by a gay robin, and he fights against Poison Taty, parody of a modern girl, only interested in boys, make up etc.
The story is amazing; Perrotta is one of the most talented comic book artist in italy.

ozz said...

Why does this Battmann's chin look like a set of testicles?