August 30, 2008

THE DARK KNIGHT New Batman Movie Merchandise

While surfing the internet recently I came across a new company that is kind of progressive & making a few very interesting pieces of Batman-Memorabilia. Actually, they are electronic products that are a tie-in to the DARK KNIGHT movie. The first, & most interesting, item is a Batman AM/FM Clock Radio. It has a projector on the side that you can adjust at different angles & it shoots a "Batman Logo" Bat-Signal on the ceiling or wall. The front, with the neat knobs, has an almost art deco 1930's design but the shape of the case & the digital numbers kinda looks 1970's...a weird hybrid of design but very cool! The next item is a stylish Batman Ghetto Blaster Radio. It looks like it also plays CDs, that's nice. The last item is a Batman Clip-On Digital Camera. There are 2 different styles. One with the TDK Bat-Logo ( shown here ) & another with the graphic of Batman ( not shown ). These electronic products are made by a company called Digital Blue. If you're interesting in all the specs for these devices I have included a link button down below:
CLICK HERE To Visit The Official DIGITAL BLUE Website!

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