August 28, 2008


In the late 1970's a show promoter named Rodger Hess promoted a little kid's live-concert-type show called BUGS BUNNY MEETS THE SUPER-HEROES! It was sort of like the Ice Capades, where cartoon characters come to life & entertain children. The show featured live actors wearing costumes like Bugs Bunny, Porky Pig, Tweety Bird, Wonder Woman, Batman, Robin, Joker, Riddler, Catwoman, The Penguin, & many more. The photos up above show the front/back of one of the show's programs. It looked like a really neat event & one that I have never heard of! The program has a logo for The DOME in Brighton. That's in the UK so maybe it never came to the US. Anyway, I saw this amazing piece of Bat-History at my friend Brian's website. He has a page called THE PLAID STALLIONS where he pokes fun at pop culture from the 70's. He covers a lot of vintage toys & I really enjoy it. Here's a link button to visit his site but please remember to BOOKMARK the Bat-Blog before ya go!!
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dukeofcrydee said...

I can't thank you enough for this post. I remember seeing a live-action "play" w/ Batman & Robin as a kid. I only remembered two things about it. 1) The final scene of the show had Batman & Robin about to fight all the villains and the stage goes black. Spotlights and the "POW!" sound effects go off randomly showing punches & kicks. When the lights come up, Batman & Robin have knocked out all the bad guys. Seeing the Adam West show come to life like that was pretty epic at that age. :) 2) I remember Batman & Robin at the foot of the stage and my dad trying to get me to walk up and meet them. At that age it was too much. I was so star-struck that I cried my stupid eyes out and refused to meet them. So thanks for opening up more memories w/ these pics. To bad camcorders weren't around back then. I'd kill for a bootleg of this. :)