August 25, 2008

BATMAN FAN? Join The Bat-Blog at MySpace!!

The Bat-Blog has a MySpace page we use to help promote the Bat-Blog. It's a great way to keep in contact with readers & find new ones. At that page people send me a lot of funny Batman pictures. Here are 2 recent examples: The 1st one is a "Behind The Scenes" photo, which I really love, showing the film crew filming the classic "Exploding Shark" scene from the classic 1960's Batman Movie. I can hear Adam West saying, "Quick Robin, Bring me the Shark-Repellent Spray!", ha ha! If you look closely you can see the guy holding the bottom of the fake shark, pretty funny! Oh I'm sorry, this was a real shark, yeah, not fake. The next photo is sort of like a comic strip but done with pictures from the Dark Knight Batman movie. It's making fun of the "Joker Interrogation" scene...I love the expression on Heath Ledger's face in the last panel like he's thinking, "Yeah, right!", hilarious!
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