July 3, 2008

1989 BATMAN BIRTHDAY CAKE & PARTY : Vintage Family Photos!

A loyal Bat-Blog Reader named Brian was kind enough to send us these really wonderful family photos from his 24th birthday... in 1989, Yeah, 1989! That, of course, was the year the 1st "Tim Burton" Batman Movie came out & like all of us Brian must have really loved that movie too. His wife made him this cake & decorated it with a Bat-Symbol plus some of those PVC Figures that Applause™ had made then. I remember these well because I bought them & was always happy with the quality Applause put into their products. Whoops, sorry, back to the photos! Brian explained that he & his wife were expecting their 1st child at that time. ( OK, when a woman is pregnant & makes you a Batman cake by hand, then creates a costume & dresses like Batgirl, she's a "keeper", ha ha! ). Since then, they have had 3 beautiful children. I wanna thank Brian for sharing these awesome pictures. I really love old family photos like this & seeing Bat-Fans being so happy is just great! Brian, please tell your wife she's a wonderful woman & the cake is very cool. If any other readers have similar pictures or memories then please let us know. Our "e-mail button" is always at the top right-hand side of this page.

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Brian said...

What a thrill!!!

On th Batblog the weekend of my birthday and with another Batmovie soon to be released, its Battastic!!!!

I just posted some pictures of an early party for me and I got a cool BatToy.

You can see it here. http://whatmydadsaw.blogspot.com/2008/07/birthday-party.html

Does anyone have pictures or know much about of this toy?

Anyways thats Tommy and keep up the good work!