June 24, 2008

Free JOKER PLAYING CARD & 50's BAT-MITE Desktop Wallpapers: Made By Logan!

Every Wednesday here at the Bat-Blog it's "Wacky Wallpaper Wednesday" & for the last few years I have been creating them all by myself. Well, a new dynamic, that I really love, is that for a few months now a lot of Bat-Blog Readers are contributing them. Here's an example: Our friend "Logan" has created BOTH of these wonderful wallpapers for you to use to decorate your computer's desktop or as a background in a MySpace Layout. The 1st one is a variation on the famous "Joker Playing Card". It's got the phrase, "Here's My Card", which we all know now as a famous line spoken by Heath Ledger's Joker in the new Dark Knight movie trailer. The 2nd one kinda through me off guard a little bit ( Meaning, I was totally surprised )...it's BAT-MITE! As a true Batman Fan I really love this wacky character. I know he's kinda silly but he's from the crazy 1950's era & has a lot of nostalgic appeal. Plus, the graphic is pretty cool! Please leave a comment down below & let Logan know which one you like the best. Also, if you have some graphics ( or a suggestion ) for wallpaper then please shoot us an e-mail. Our "e-mail button" is on the top right-hand side of this page. One last thing, Thank You Logan for sending us these backgrounds...GOOD JOB!
CLICK HERE For More Batman Desktop Background Wallpaper of The Dark Knight!


Logan Mo Lott said...

Oh wow whoever made these is horrible. ;)thanks for posting these, Tommy!!

tomztoyz said...

Ha Ha Ha, OK Logan, it's YOU, the guy who made these...ha ha! At first I thought somebody was being really rube & insulting your work, that's funny!

Yes, Thank again for making these, that's very cool & I do appreciate reader's participation. In fact, getting to meet a lot of other Bat-Nerds has made doing this blog a joy. Of course I mean "Bat-Nerds" in a good way, Ha Ha!