June 30, 2008

THE DARK KNIGHT Nestle Cereal Boxes With Different Action Figure Premiums!

OK, The Bat-Blog has been covering the events with the line of General Mills U.S. Cereal Boxes with THE DARK KNIGHT Batman Movie Promotion but this is something totally new! In countries like Singapore, New Zealand, & the UK (among others) another division of GM, called Nestle, have released 4 new Batman Cereal Boxes that have 4 figures to collect. The interesting thing is that 2 of the figures are totally different than the ones here in the USA! The 2 that are different are a "Double-Punching Batman" & a "Scarecrow"! Here. we have a Batman Figure that has 1 moving arm but there they have a 2-fisted version. Plus, the Scarecrow is totally new. The cereal that they are featured in is Nestle KoKo Krunch & Nestle Honey Stars. The name of the promo is "Bring The Batman Action To Breakfast". Oh man, I really really want these!!


MothandRust said...

I bought one of the boxed tonight. No way I'm gonna eat the crap though. Hopefully my kids will. We don't get to see the toy in Australia, like these boxes, we have to hope the toy at the bottom of the box is the one we want. it could take a dozed boxes to collec the whole four... sheesh. I was hoping to get the Joker, and did! Yay me!

Errex said...

Those seem like the exact same figures appearing inside Nestlé cereal boxes here in Mexico.

They come inside Nesquick boxes, and do not come in a window, so you don't really know what figure you get until you open the box.

Last night I got the Joker, and it a very cool toy.

AFHUB said...

These are also available in the Philippines. Click here to see photos of them outside the box.

Anonymous said...

In Germany the figures are sealed in the box too. I love batman, but I don't know if i could eat a 4th box of Cookie Crisp just to get the scarecrow. I'm beginning to think they only have one figure per cereal type...maybe i should move on to some other nestle product.