June 30, 2008

BATMAN and ROBIN Retired Senior Citizens MUNNY FIGURES

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha, whew! Oh man, when I saw these they cracked me up! Here's a set of customized MUNNY FIGURES made to look like Batman & Robin, if they were very old senior citizens. They were made by an artist named "Montreal Munny". I found these over at a website called TOY CUTTER that is basically all about the urban toys fad. One of the things in that sub-culture is to take these blank figures that are called "Munnys" & totally make them custom to your own ideas. They have HUGE contests where artists display their creations. I think these were from a show at the famous urban toy store called KID ROBOT. I love these, they're hilarious. I also like that they limited the palette to just black, white, & grays ( with a little bit of YELLOW )...that's great. Is that suppose to make you think of "B&W TV" or an old vintage photograph? Very cool.
CLICK HERE To Visit The Official TOY CUTTER Custom Munny Figure Urban Toy Website

1 comment:

Brian Reaves said...

Those are hilarious! I wish they sold them in stores because I'd get them. Imagine a senior citizen Wonder Woman, or old Iron Man with cracked and rusted armor!