May 10, 2008

THE DARK KNIGHT General Mills CHEERIOS Cereal Box Give-Away Premium Figures of Batman and The Joker!!

I hope my friend "Shadowbat" doesn't mind but I totally stole these 2 photos from him off a Message Board, ha ha! Sorry Dude, I was just so excited! Here's a set of photos of the new General Mills CHEERIOS Cereal Box with THE DARK KNIGHT Batman Movie tie-in!! Looks like they're giving away 4 FREE "Stunt Figure" cereal premiums. There are 2 Batman figures & 2 of The Joker. Now, the good news is that I totally love Cheerios cereal so it won't go to waste, ha ha! Be sure to click on the photo up above for a larger version. Also, if you, the Bat-Blog Reader, finds out about any more promotions like this please shoot me an e-mail!


Bubbashelby said...

Oh man! I'm gonna be eating Cheerios three meals a day when I find these!

Elliott said...

I thought I pulled Katherine Harris out of my Cheerios box but apparently it's the kicky Joker.