April 16, 2008

Vintage BATMAN Magazine Covers From Around The World!

This is an idea I had for a quick post to showcase a few vintage magazines that featured Batman on the cover. The 1st example is an issue of SCREEN STORIES from 1966. It has a great color photo of the 1960's Batman on the cover! The exploitive copy reads, "BEWARE OF WOMEN"! I have always loved this magazine because it's a great shot of Adam West. OK, it's from the USA & not "foreign" but to readers who live outside the USA it is, ha ha! The 2nd photo comes from our friend Paulo. This is a super-rare Batman #1 foreign comic book published in Brazil! I think the graphics are awesome, especially with the vintage bat-logo. The last one is also foreign & extremely hard-to-find. It's an issue of MAD Magazine published in China...It's in Chinese, isn't that amazing! I would love to have that one. Thank you everybody who sent pix, they're very cool & we want to invite all our other readers to do the same!

1 comment:

ozz said...

That's such a non-menacing pose West strikes in the first picture. It's so non-menacing that it's awesome! Ha!