April 7, 2008

Vintage 1966 Batman PUNCHING BOP BAG Toy Catalog Ads!

One great reference for Vintage Batman Toys (other than the Bat-Blog of course, ha ha! ) are very old Sears & JC Penney Catalogs. You would be surprised what extremely RARE bat-memorabilia you can find there! Here's an example: In the mid-1960's they made a BATMAN PUNCHING BOP BAG that now is very hard-to-find, especially in MINT shape since these were all destroyed by kids playing with them. Also, once they leaked air then out in the trash they went! If there are any readers who collect these catalogs then please send us some scans. Thanks.


Bubbashelby said...

I blame these bop bags for the violence in our society today.

"Give Huckleberry Hound a Haymaker!"

"What's uppercut, doc!"

"Who're you callin' Bozo, Bozo!?!"

But seriously, why would anyone in the world want their kid smacking such cute lovable characters?

David said...

Yeah, maybe these were just a decade too early. I mean, who *wouldn't* want to beat the snot out of say, a Care Bear or My Little Pony?

Seriously, I had that Superman bop bag and possibly the Batman, too. I remember Superman because I was anal enough as a kid to think, "They got the belt buckle wrong!" LOL. Plus I remember being freaked out that Superman outsized Galactus, with one foot in the Atlantic and the other crushing British Columbia.

Are these things still being made at all, or has the PC crowd declared them too encouraging of violence?

tomztoyz said...

Toy companies still make them today but the designs are always stupid!

Let's hope they get their sh*t together & make some cool ones.