February 13, 2008

BATMAN TOY COLLECTION: A View From A Bat-Blog Reader's Desk!

An everyday reader of the Bat-Blog, named Brian, sent us this very cool photo showing what his office space looks like. I know it's kinda weird but I love to see other people's "desk spaces". As a writer of this blog I always wonder what readers look like or "where they read the Bat-Blog", ha ha! If ya think about it it's kind of surreal. We get 800+ visitors a day so that's a lot of people to think about. So, if you can, please send us a photo of your office space....that would be awesome! Oh yeah, back to Brian's photo. The space looks pretty clean & well organized, it's nothing like my pit! Plus, ya gotta love all the great Batman Memorabilia! The HUGE 30" Tall Batman, right behind the monitor, is extremely cool! Thank you for sending this picture Brian, it's a very nice space & you have some really nice Bat-stuff. My only problem is you don't seem to be displaying Bat-Blog Wallpaper on your monitor, ha ha ( Just Kidding )!


Brian said...

The picture was taken before I had found your blog!!

Believe me when I tell you I have one of your wallpapers proudly displayed on my computer today.

Thanks for the post.

Here is my blog about growing up.

tomztoyz said...

Thanks for sending the photo, that's cool! In the future please let me know about any Bat-News or cool pix you come across so I can share with all the Bat-Bloggers, that's what we're ALL about here....the joy of collecting Batman!

Thanks again for the pic.