February 20, 2008

2 Very Cool BATMAN WALLPAPERS To Decorate Your Desktop!

"Wacky Wallpapers Wednesday!" The 1st Batman Desktop Wallpaper is a really great image of the Dark Knight pointing at you, yes YOU! It's an image taken directly from an animation cel of the classic TV Cartoon. The 2nd one is a hi-def scan of some amazing Jim Lee artwork from the modern-day Batman comic book. I love how Jim Lee draws buildings & the Zeppelin hot air balloons in the sky are always very cool, almost an iconic part of his style. The wallpapers we're always giving away here are really popular with readers so please shoot us an e-mail & let us know what kind of graphics you would like to see. More Joker? Maybe something from Batman Beyond? Let us know.
CLICK HERE For More Batman Wallpapers for a Desktop or Free to Use The Dark Knight Backgrounds in a MySpace Layout!


Anonymous said...

Both are very cool, but is there any chance of future wallpapers being uploaded as pngs instead of jpegs? The compression is killing what would otherwise be some awesome wallpapers.

tomztoyz said...

Thanks for the tip! I took these 2 wallpapers down & converted them into the PNG format. Please check 'em out & let me know if they're better. I did notice right away that they are wayyyy "smaller", ha ha!

Thanks, Tommy

pophero said...

They both look nice, but the bottom one, tinged in red, makes him look like the Daredevil, lol.

ozz said...

I like Jim Lee's Batman, but I must admit that seeing the outline of Bruce's ear poking through the Batman's cowl took a little getting used to. I like imagining the cowl as almost being helmet-like, a la the Nolan Batman. Lee's interpretation kinda gets in the way of mine a little bit! That's minor quibbling, however.