January 31, 2008


As Batman Collectors we all know how the marketing people go crazy making every kind of Batman product they can & thank God because it gives us some cool stuff to collect, ha ha! Well, here's a few examples of "Batman Beverages" through out history: The 1st photo is one of my favorites. It's a can of Batman Sparkling Soda from the Cott-Cola Company ©1960's & as you can imagine it is quite RARE! The next example is newer but still extremely RARE. It's a drink-pouch of Orange Drink from Bulgaria. Yes, you read that right...Bulgaria! ( I would really like to have one of these babies, just because it's so unusual ). The 3rd photo is kinda common but still pretty cool. It's a quart carton of All-Star Fruit Punch from 1966. As you can see it has beautiful graphics all around it. They also made other flavors including Grape & Orange. The next "Bat-Beverage" came out just a year or 2 ago. It's one of those Bellywashers novelty drinks you see in grocery stores & truck stops. I think these are kinda cool & when they have make a Batman one I always get it. I think there are about 3 variations. OK, I saved the best for last! The 5th photo is an original store display poster from the 1960's to sell Batman Chocolate Milk. I think these were put out by All-Star, the company that made the Fruit-Punch up above. This is a large poster that is double-sided. So, usually when you find one there's a side that is faded & the other side is MINT. These look really cool framed to hang in the kitchen...sweet! Hmmm, ok, do any Bat-Blog readers have examples of "Bat-Beverages" not shown here? I know they also did a 1989 Bat-Cola in Australia that's pretty cool & some in the UK that had graphics from Batman: The Animated Series. Please send some photos today!


Jeff said...

I wish I had a nice print of that Batman fruit drink cartoon...it'd look great in a frame. I know there's no point in hoping for an original!

ozz said...

Now I'm thirsty!

That California Sun design makes it look like the Batman is jumping out of a building (or something) that is engulfed in flames. Interesting way to sell orange drink.