January 30, 2008


Remember, we post 2 Free Batman Wallpapers EVERY Wednesday! One of my favorite things about doing this Batman Fan site is getting e-mails from readers who like to share their love of the Batman character. Well, I got this letter from a guy named Jason, he wrote, "I really love your blog; it's one of the first sites I check every day. Here's a couple of Neal Adams wallpapers, made from album covers from Power Records, circa 1975. Hope you can use them!". Heck Yeah we can use 'em, they're awesome! Thank you Jason. I have a few of these records in my personal collection & really love them. My sister & I , as little kids, used to play them all the time, ha ha! Good times, yeah, good times. Plus, I am a HUGE Fan of the Batman artwork of Neal Adams so that's another reason. Oh yeah, the last wallpaper, I put the Bat-Blog Logo in there, ha ha, another shameless promotion.
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Fiendenstein said...

Neal Adams does the best Batman in my opinion, awesome wallpapers!

tomztoyz said...

Thanks. yeah, I love those wallpapers because Neal Adams is great & a reader sent them in...that's awesome!

Neon said...

Awesome! I actually have an mp3 version of Power Records 1975 Batman lp, with a rather groovy version of the '66 theme and some stories contained in the tracks. Since there's no version currently available, I thought I'd share it with the site owner (and the fans, of course):


ozz said...

Awesome! I had that record as a kid. I wonder if it's still somewhere in my parents home.

I found a link with more info -- including AUDIO!! Sweet! I still remember the Joker story.


Hearing this stuff takes me back. Wow. Hearing Robin suggest that the Joker needs a frontal lobotomy is hilarious. I wouldn't have caught that or known what he was talking about way back when.

I'd like to find out who did the voices. The actor playing the Batman doesn't really have the right voice for the part, but the actor playing Robin is credible.

ozz said...

I've only had time to listen to the Joker story, but will be returning to that page to hear the rest. The story has some wonderfully grim moments that were certainly darker than the TV show that I was watching in reruns everyday!