December 27, 2007

WOW ~ The Bat-Blog Has Over 1000 Posts & Still Going!

The other day I posted the 1000th post here at the Olde Bat-Blog & totally forgot to celebrate. Arrrggghhh! I was gonna make a big deal out of it, ha ha! So, I thought I would do a simple thing & just post 2 favorite pictures of Batman. The 1st one is an original sketch of The Dark Knight by Bob Kane, the creator. He did this in 1988 or 1989. The next one is by the classic cartoonist Fred Hembeck ©2007. I love his "cartoony-style"! I wanna take this moment to thank all the loyal readers, people who have given us links, people who have sent in material, just everybody...this blog has been a lot of fun & I do plan on doing it for quite awhile. If anyone has any ideas for improvement or promotion then please shoot us an e-mail. If you've been following the Bat-Blog for awhile then you know we obsess over trying to bring fresh clever material & we're always trying to improve the design of the page. Another thing, I wanna ask, is that people who have blogs, websites, MySpace pages, or participate in Message Boards please help try to spread the word about this page. We have "Link Button & Banner" Graphics all over the place & if you need a special size then please contact us & we'll make a custom one for you! OK, I gotta get back to work now. I got the next 1000 posts to work on, ha ha! Thanks for reading this. IMPORTANT NOTE: TO ENJOY THE PREVIOUS 1000 POSTS HERE JUST EXPLORE THE ARCHIVES LOCATED ON THE LEFT SIDE OF THE BAT-BLOG...GO AHEAD, YOU'LL ENJOY IT!

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