December 27, 2007

VINTAGE BATMAN Toys & Memorabilia 1960's & 70's

Today I thought I needed to do a post about Vintage Batman Toys. This is a crowd favorite & really the main reason for the blog, the joy of collecting old toys. The 1st photo is a picture of an old magazine ad for the Batman Bat-Cycle Riding Toy that I completely stole off a friend's website, ha ha! He has a great page that I like to visit to see old toy catalog pictures. It's called PLAIDSTALLIONS.COM & you should check it out sometime. The 2nd photo is of an extremely Super-RARE Set of "Official Batman JOKER EYES" novelty glasses. These would almost be worthless out of the package because they are so generic but as you can tell the Header Card says it all. I really love the vintage graphics on this piece, very cool! The next item is from the UK & quite RARE also. It's the Husky Extra 1966 Batmobile Diecast Car made by Corgi, #1202. The last photo is a nice collection of Vintage Signet Paperback Books done around the time of the 1966 Batman TV Show. We hope you have enjoyed some of these pics & if you have any pix from your personal collection then please send them in to share.

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