December 30, 2007

FIGHTS, FLIGHTS, & TIGHTS: A Superhero Costume Contest

My friend Adam sent me a link the other day to a website where they held a contest for "Best Home-Made Superhero Costumes". It was called FIGHTS, FLIGHTS, & TIGHTS. The idea was to not do an exact replica of an actual costume but to make your own variation, your own style. There were quite a bit of entries & all of them were actually really good. The winner was a cute girl in a retro-style Supergirl outfit. The photos I'm showing here are a few that were "Batman" related. I love when people get creative so I thought this would be a neat post to do. The contest was held at a website called PROJECT ROOFTOP. The cool thing was that the prizes were very high-quality drawings of the winners wearing their costumes done by different comic book-style artists who are also VERY talented. The last picture is an example of the girl in the top photo. To see the whole event click here.

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