December 30, 2007

BATMAN Represented in The World of Fine Art, HA HA!

On a personal note I'm a HUGE fan of ART. I go to art galleries & museums, a lot! I read a ton of art magazines & books too. I've been this weird my whole life. So, when I see art prints or paintings that have used Batman in some way it's kind of a thrill. Here's a few I have seen recently. The 1st photo is of an art print by Paul Slater. It's titled AMERICAN GOTHAM & it totally cracks me up every time I see it, ha ha! Paul Slater is one of Britain's most popular illustrators. He has a huge client list & is represented by The Cutter Gallery. If you think you might wanna own an actual art print of this image then visit their website where they sell high-quality prints. This next "Batman" Piece of Art is something I came across on the internet the other day. It's a wood-relief painting that is sort-of like a sculpture in the fact that it has a 3-D quality about it. It's made to look like Egyptian Hieroglyphics from a long time ago but appropriates the Batman character's image....hilarious! Please be sure to click on this to see a slightly larger picture. The fine details to his woodwork are amazing! If you would like to see more of his art then look for a guy named "Gian-Boy" on Flickr. I'd like to give more info about this artist but all of his writing is in Italian, ha ha!

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