December 25, 2007

BATMAN DESKTOP BACKGROUNDS: Wacky Wallpapers Wednesday!

Every Bat-Blog reader knows that on Wednesday we post 2 brand new Batman Desktop Wallpapers but tonight I need some extra space on my PC so I'm gonna give you not two, but four, Batman Wallpapers! The 1st one is a Golden Age image of Batman & Robin in a spotlight originally drawn by Jack Burnley, a Classic! I love the 2nd one. This is one of those vending machine rides you see outside grocery stores but I have never never never seen this one before! It's the Batmobile Car from the BATMAN FOREVER Movie!! The 3rd one is well known among Aurora Model Kit collectors. It's the 1960's Burry's Cookie Store Display with an ad for the Vintage Aurora 1966 Batmobile Model Kit...sweet! The last one is a wallpaper from the Official DC Comics website. Please feel free to use them in a MySpace Layout or just to brighten your desktop...enjoy!
CLICK HERE For More Batman Wallpapers for a Desktop or Free to Use Backgrounds in a MySpace Layout!

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