October 23, 2007


For today's choice of wallpapers I picked 2 really cool pictures of Batman & one of them even has The Joker! The 1st one is a graphic from Batman: The Animated Series. I always loved the "Art Deco look" of that TV Series. This would make a great background for a MYSpace layout or profile. The next image is from a modern-day Batman comic book & features The Joker. This one makes really cool wallpaper for your desktop! If you're looking for some more wallpapers then please remember to check the archives. We also have a "Free Batman Wallpapers" page so check that out too. The link buttons for both of them are on the left-side of this blog.
HELP SPREAD THE WORD! Please put the JOKER Banner ( The Dark Knight Movie ) seen above on your MySpace Layout, Blog, or Webpage!! Just copy the code below & paste to your profile! Thank You!

CLICK HERE For More Batman Wallpapers for a Desktop or Free to Use Backgrounds in a MySpace Layout!


Dreakon said...

in case anyone wanted to know, that second background is from Batman #614. From the Hush story arc. Pencils by Jim Lee, Ink by Scott Williams, and Colored by Alex Sinclair. Its a great desktop, Thanks Tommy.

tomztoyz said...

I knew it was Jim Lee's artwork but didn't know which comic book it was from...Thanx for the info!

ozz said...

Man, I wish Jim Lee didn't draw the Joker with a Penguinish beak-like nose!