September 26, 2007

BATMAN WALLPAPER : The Golden Age Joker & Batman Animated Series

One of the things we're famous for here is really cool Batman Wallpaper! We post 2 NEW ones EVERY Wednesday. Here's a graphic showing the Golden Age-Style Joker. This art was painted on canvas with acrylic by me a few years ago, a gift for a friend. I like the bold colors & sinister smile. The next one is a really sharp photo of a Batman Action Figure. It's one from the, now classic, Batman: The Animated Series. Remember, you can dig thru this site's Archives for many many more wallpapers & we even have a Wallpapers Webpage. You can access both functions on the left-side of this page. We hope you enjoy these & please feel free to use them in a MySpace layout or as a background on your desktop.

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__Neal said...

Really nice painting of the Joker! Before I read the blog entry, I assumed it was done by Jerry Robinson or Dick Sprang. You really captured the Golden Age Joker to a tee!

tomztoyz said...

Thanks Neal,
I got the image from a Vintage 1966 Batman Board Game card. It's pretty common to see this "stock image" on a lot of products from that time period. The weird thing is that the art style is a lot "older" than the 60's.

Yeah, I liked how this painting came out. Thank You for the kind words.

Para no olvidar said...

look my blog. I have draw whith Jose Luis Garcia Lopez about Batman and others.

ozz said...

Nice job on the Joker, man!