September 15, 2007

Batman Comic Book Art Convention Sketches

A great way to get original art featuring Batman is to go to comic book conventions. There are many all over the country with the largest being the San Diego Comicon & the New York City Show. Here are some great examples of Batman Art. The 1st one is by Steve Lieber. The artwork is pretty expressive, nice! The 2nd one, of Harley Quinn, is a personal favorite because it's done by Bruce Timm of Batman:The Animated Series fame. The last one is a beautiful example of pin-up art with Batgirl. It was done by Jon Bogdangove. If any readers have some original art to share then please send us a photo!


RichYan said...

RichYan said...

A couple pieces you might like.

tomztoyz said...

Hey Richyan,
I did a post about this great artwork....check it out!!

Please spread the word about the BAT-BLOG!!

ozz said...

I like the look of the Batman in the first piece. It conveys a very chaotic mood.