August 31, 2007

Photos: 2 Vintage Batman Toys & a Comic Book Ad

The title for this post isn't too exciting is it? But the pictures are pretty cool. One of the toys shown here I have never seen before. It's the 1st picture with the BAT-COPTER Model Kit that has the original box, from the 1960's. I have never never NEVER seen this so it's gotta be super-RARE! Thank you Donald for sending the photo. The next item is pretty cool & also very obscure. This is the Batman Battery Tester from 1975. You know this item was fun to play with for hours & hours, ha ha! I do like the vintage graphics because it looks like Carmine Infantino art work. The last picture is an ad for SILLY PUTTY from inside a comic book. It's from the 60's & I thought it was kinda cool. Thanks again Donald for sending us the photo of this rare model kit. If any other members have photos of their RARE Batman pieces then please e-mail them to us. The Bat-Blog is ALL about sharing the love of collecting Batman...Thanx!!

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ozz said...

There's something hilariously subversive about that "it's fun to light up" message! Ha!