June 19, 2007

VINTAGE BATMAN TOY MASKS 1940's to the 60's

I thought these Vintage Batman Masks would be kind of fun for BAT-BLOG readers to see. The first one is actually considered one of the very 1st Batman items made. This 1940's paper mask was a premium given away free inside the Philadelphia Record Newspaper. It was made to publicize the new Batman & Robin Comic Strip. The 2nd mask is a photo I have used here before as a promo picture but I didn't give it an explanation. These 2 masks are actually ONE mask. This piece of Bat-Memorabilia had the faces of Batman & Robin printed on both sides of the mask & they shared the eye holes. Robin's collar is actually Batman's ears on the other side. You could be Batman & then flip it around to be Robin, pretty cool. It was a premium by General Electric in 1966. The 3rd mask is a Vintage Halloween Mask from Japan. It might be "bootleg" but it has a weird strange quality that I like....very beautiful. The Japanese stuff from the 60's is some of my favorite pieces of Bat-Nostalgia.


chunky B said...

First off, great blog! The double mask of Batman and Robin are awesome, I've seen one in person at a flea market, when I went back to purchase it it was gone. It's a really fun piece, typical of the 60's Batman!

ozz said...

The Batman/Robin duel mask is a clever design.