June 25, 2007

Vintage BATMAN Magazine Covers, Part 2

Awhile back we published a small story about some vintage magazines that featured Batman & Robin on the cover & it turned out to be pretty popular so here's another series of Batman Magazine photos to enjoy! The 1st one is a British magazine titled BEM that featured a graphic of Catwoman with Batman all domesticated. I like the "post-modern look" of the magazine, very retro 80's new-wave punk. The 2nd photo is a magazine called ENCORE & it features a pretty funny political cartoon about the gas crisis. I guess gas prices are so high that Batman had to replace the Batmobile with a VW bug ( it's "Herbie The Love Bug" from the Disney movies ) . The last one is a classic Mad Magazine cover showing the Batman Returns Movie parody showing Micheal Keaton getting a haircut from Alfred E. Neuman.

1 comment:

ozz said...

I like the BEM cover artwork. Well done, plus it's funny.