June 25, 2007

1960's SEARS Department Store Catalog Pics of Vintage 60's Batman Toys!

As a vintage toy collector one of the best references for old vintage toys are older department store catalogs. Sears, JC Penneys, & Montgomery Wards are all great choices, especially the "Christmas Issues". Those are usually jam-packed with tons of cool vintage toys. Here's 2 examples right here. The color photo shows a cool Batman Vintage Halloween Costume & another costume set that was put out by Ideal in 1966. The Ideal set has a cape, cowl, & the very-sought-after RARE Batbelt with a lot of accessories! The black & white photo shows a page that featured the 1966 BATPHONE & the 1966 BATMAN PUPPET THEATER which had hand puppets of Batman, Robin, & The Joker! This play set was a Sears Exclusive & the ONLY way to get the now super-RARE Joker Hand Puppet!

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