March 31, 2007


Here's a nice assortment of Vintage Batman Toys and Memorabilia featuring The super-villian THE PENGUIN. The 1st item, & probably the rarest, is the Penguin Batman Model Kit made by Aurora in 1966. This is an extremely RARE kit that you don't see everyday! I love the vintage graphics on the box. The next item is a 45 rpm Record where the sleeve is die-cut to the shape of the Penguin graphic, very cool! Plus, both songs are sort of "Penguin Related". The 3rd picture shows the Super-RARE PENGUIN PEZ Candy Dispenser. This was released by Pez in ©1976 & the unusual thing about it is the head is made out of rubber. In the same "rubber head" Super Hero set they also made Wonder Woman, The Joker, Batman, & Batgirl. The last photo shows a RARE 1970's Penguin Mego Action Figure 8" Doll in the original box. These Megos were usually "carded" so seeing one in the box is a treat. I mean, this baby belongs in a Vintage Toy Museum! Be sure to check the BAT-BLOG ARCHIVES for many more Batman Vintage Toys including Corgi, Mattel, Ideal, TransOgram, Marx, Kenner, & many more!

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Some cool specimens there.