August 31, 2006


I'm not sure what town this is from but it looks like one of those kind of city contests where each community gets a statue to paint & these people decided to make theirs Batman! Either way it's a great choice & very nicely painted.

Bathound Photo ( Pug Dog )

Here's a recent photo circulating on the net & it really cracks me up. I don't think he's too happy being all dressed-up, hee hee. Whoever made the outfit did a great job!

Batmobile Toy Wallpaper # 4

This is a very sharp photo of a classic 1972 tin toy of the Batmobile. I think it makes great wallpaper! I'll post a new Batman Wallpaper each week so be sure to BOOKMARK THIS PAGE & check back often.( Click on the small picture to enlarge ).

Customized Capt. Action Figures

Here's a set of NEW Captain Action "Repo" figures with customized costumes of the 1966 TV Show. They kinda look like Adam West & Burt Ward, don't ya think?? Whoever made these did a really great job....good work!


Here's an extremely RARE Mexican Store Display Card featuring very cool 1960's Batman Toy Watches...drooool! I really love store displays & will be featuring some new photos in the future. I recently got a Batman BAND-AID Display Stand with awesome graphics.....that's for later, so check back!

August 30, 2006

Snowman & Gas Station Surprise!

Here's 2 really funny photos featuring a snowman of Batman in his car & another one of him getting gas for the Batmobile, ha ha!

Vintage Photo : Birthday Cake!

Here's a cool vintage 60's photo sent in by a reader. Thanx Jimmy! I love the birthday cake, great graphics! If other readers have cool birthday pix then please send them.

August 29, 2006

1960's Plush Doll

Here's a recent RARE find! This is a large plush doll made by the Common Wealth Doll Co ©1966. I have always wanted one of these & was really happy with finding it. They also made one of Robin which is extremely rare. He measures about 17" tall.

I am Batman!

Included in this post are 2 favorite "costume photos" I have. One is a cute little girl who's mom made a wonderful Batgirl costume, it's awesome! I like the detailing....very nice. The other photo is the kid of a friend of mine. His name is Joe & he loves Batman. His mother told me that when he 1st got this costume that he practically lived in it. The 1st night he had it he slept in it....ha ha. The red electric car seen in the photo is his official Batmobile, ya gotta love that!

Original Bat-Photo May 1966

Here's a wonderful photo sent to me of some serious Bat-Fans from May 1966. I love the black & white grainy look of it, awesome! If anyone else out there has some personal photos like this then please send them.

Batman Wallpaper # 2 & 3

This weeks Bat-Wallpaper features photos from the new BATMAN BEGINS movie. I can't tell you how relieved I was that this was such a great movie, I mean, when I saw that early trailer & got a look at that dune-buggy Batmobile I was really worried. But I did think Christian Bale was a good choice & in the end the Batmobile was awesome! It kinda made sense that it would be sort-of "homemade" looking. So far they plan at least 2 more movies & the Joker is set for the next film. Let's keep our fingers crossed that they don't get a director obsessed with bat-nipples, hee hee. ( Click on Photos To Enlarge )

August 27, 2006


Here's a few examples of BAT-HUMOR found on the web a few years ago, enjoy!

August 26, 2006

ARTIST : Steve Stanley

Here are two examples of some really well-drawn & very cool artwork by Steve Stanley. The black & white picture is a pastel drawing of the characters from the Classic 1966 TV Show, very nice! My favorite is titled "Atomic Batteries To Power...". At first it appears to be a photograph but at closer inspection it's a drawing, WOW! Here's a link to his webpage, be sure to check it out :

I AM BATMAN! ( Web Photo )

We all remember being a little kid & tying a towel around our necks to be Batman, hee hee. So, about once a week I'll post a wacky picture found on the internet of somebody all dressed up. I think it's funny to see adults dressed up & the little kids are very sweet....future Batman Collectors!

Custom Batmobile ( France )

I found these pictures about a week ago on the internet. Some guy in France built this Custom "Actual-Working, Real Car " Batmobile & it looks exactly like the Animated Series Cartoon Version....SWEET! I think he did an incredible job & the detailing is very very nice. I would love to drive this around on a Saturday night, all dressed up in a Batman costume, hee hee. My nephews ( ages 4 & 8 ) would totally freak-out! I wish I had a link to the actual webpage but all he had were these 3 pictures & really no other information. I'm curious if it's legal to drive & how much this thing actually cost!

Batman Wallpaper # 1

About once a week I'll be posting a cool Batman Wallpaper you can use to decorate your desktop, enjoy! So, be sure to check back often. ( Click on Photo To Enlarge! )

Wacky Batman Picture #1

Every now & then I'll post a funny photo or picture related to Batman, just for fun!

eBay Auction Record Price

In all my years of obsessively scouring eBay for rare & unusual Batman Items this has got to be it! This auction was a few months ago & I was very excited to find this piece & was watching it everyday. This is the Super Mega-Rare ELASTIC BATMAN by Mego! I think it started at $9.99, ha ha. It ended at $15,100!! Yes, you read that right, 15 Thousand 1 Hundred! Unfortunely it went a little bit outta my price range, hee hee.


Greetings Bat-Fans! This blog is my personal attempt to bring to light the joy of collecting both New & Older/Vintage BATMAN Items. I have been collecting BATMAN TOYS for almost 20 years & still love it! In this blog I'll talk about vintage Batman Items from the 60's, 70's, 80's & up... all the way to present day. I plan to post pictures of rare and unusual items! I want to invite anyone who loves Batman to send in their favorite photos! Please remember to check out my ARCHIVES as I have a lot of information & wacky photos to share! I you have a Batnman'Related Webpage then please link to me. ( If you need any graphics just e-mail & I'll happily send them! ). Also, Please remember to BOOKMARK this page & send it to all your friends!