August 26, 2006


Greetings Bat-Fans! This blog is my personal attempt to bring to light the joy of collecting both New & Older/Vintage BATMAN Items. I have been collecting BATMAN TOYS for almost 20 years & still love it! In this blog I'll talk about vintage Batman Items from the 60's, 70's, 80's & up... all the way to present day. I plan to post pictures of rare and unusual items! I want to invite anyone who loves Batman to send in their favorite photos! Please remember to check out my ARCHIVES as I have a lot of information & wacky photos to share! I you have a Batnman'Related Webpage then please link to me. ( If you need any graphics just e-mail & I'll happily send them! ). Also, Please remember to BOOKMARK this page & send it to all your friends!


Kandyegirl said...

Looking GOOD! It is about time you share all your Bat-knowledge with the world. :)


ozz said...

So this is where it all began!

It's also where it ends, my trip through the archives, that is! It's been fun. Lots of cool stuff to check out. Coming up with this blog was a cool idea.

Cheers, man!