September 14, 2006

RARE 1966 Batman Toys, Magazines, & Jewelry!

Every now & then I do a posting of just some photos of very very RARE Batman Toys for my readers to drool over, hee hee! I think these are nice to see because you really don't see them that often, even when shopping on eBay. I really try to find pictures of super-dooper RARE memorabilia! Up above is a small example of that idea. The top pic is a RARE Small 1966 Candy Box featuring the Penguin. The next pic, which is 4 pictures together, are 4 Vintage Postcards also from 1966. Please let me know if you like any of them. The next 2 shots are of 1960's TV Guides & the 1st magazine in the pic is from Argentina ( Super-Rare! ). Below that is a neat "Dot-To-Dot" Coloring Book ( I think this is from England, not sure ). For the final pic I saved the best for last! This is an extremely SUPER-RARE SET of Batman Tie-Link & Cuff-Links in original box!! A friend of mine sent me that photo & in 20 years of collecting I have NEVER seen this. I was blown-away when I opened my e-mail, LOL. Thanx Lee, for that pic! ( As always, Click on the Small Pics for Larger Ones ).

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